douglas KORNFELD


City Square 18' x 24' - Medium: Dynamically generated video projection.

Enter City Square.

"City Square" portrays a vast urban plaza with featureless male and female icons moving singly and randomly about the screen. This suggests the independent and isolated experience of a modern urban experience. Occasionally, when two of the symbols meet they are transformed into brightly colored, animated, and distinct characters. This symbolizes the transformation that occurs when one meets or is recognized by someone in a public place. Identity is revealed and individuality is portrayed. As in life the animations briefly display unique their qualities and individuality through movement and gesture during their meetings. However, they return to anonymity when they continue singly on their original paths.

"City Square" is NOT a "looped" animation. All of the interactions and movements are dynamically generated. Each moment is unique and will never repeat.

Many thanks to Steve Merel and Brian Knep for help with the Flash programming.

"City Square" - 2005 - City Hall, Boston, MA

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