"101" - 1992 - 1994

24,000 hand-cut tiles - 8'-0" x 18'-0" x 10" - DeCordova Art Museum, Lincoln, MA.

Each of the 24,000 hand-cut tiles has an individual silk screened image. What you see at is a composite image made up of thousands of tiny images. It was first exhibited at the DeCordova Museum in the Fall of 1994.

The center mosaic depicts a cross-section of a human skull. The individual tiles are hand-cut and 3/4 inch square. Each of the panels' shimmering 14,000 tiles has an individual image. The skinny figures correspond to the dark areas and the fatter figures the lighter areas of the image.

Each flanking 4 foot by 8 foot panel has a large black epoxy male or female figure to capture the reflection of the viewer. Almost 5,000 tiles surround each large figure. Every tile has an image that is a variation of the international male or female symbol.