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101 - Mosaic - 24,000 hand-made tiles each with individual image - 216" x 96" x 4", 1992 - 1994

Each of 24,000 hand cut tiles has an individual silk screened image so what you are looking at is a composite image made up of thousands of tiny images. It was first exhibited at the DeCordova Museum in the Fall of 1994. At this exhibition I also exhibited an interactive multi-media work entitled "Who are You". This work was reprogrammed as an interactive artwork for the web in 1997. The closer look at the center mosaic depicts a cross-section of a human skull. The individual tiles are hand cut and 3/4 inch square.

Each of the panels' shimmering 14,000 tiles has an individual image silk-screened onto the reflective gold mylar surface. As you can see the skinny figures correspond to the dark areas and the fatter figures the lighter areas of the image. Each 4 foot by 8 foot male or female panel is made up of almost 5,000 tiles each with an image silk screened on to reflective gold mylar. Each image is a variation of the international male or female symbol. The large figure is black epoxy to capture the reflection of the viewer.

101 was exhibited as part of the exhibition: The Computer In the Studio

101 was also exhibited at the Fuller Museum in 1997 >>

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"101" - 1992 - 1994 - DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA