douglas KORNFELD


Two High heals - 1994 - Laser printed images and clay image mounted on panel

As the artist-in-residence at the Artist Foundation in Boston, MA in 1994 the artists executed a series of installations in a public atrium having to do with symbols and gender. In the above work the artist created a billboard size image of two high heels. This large image was made up of hundreds of slips of paper stapled directly to the wall. On each slip was a laser printed the international female symbol commonly found on restroom doors. In the center of this image on a round wood panel were fragments of what looked to be a primitive vaginal form.

In this work the artist juxtaposed a singular handmade image with hundreds of mass-produced images. The mass-produced images were made of cheap temporary materials the singular image was made up of gold fragments mounted on a highly polished panel. This series raised issues of : singular vs. multiple, hand-made vs. mass-produced, ancient vs. modern, precious materials vs. cheap ones, and permanence vs. transitory.

"Two High Heals" - 1994 - The Artist Foundation, Boston, MA

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