douglas KORNFELD


Odd Couple - 3' x 3' - Enamel paint on paper

In August of 1995 the Zeitgeist Gallery of Cambridge MA invited 24 Artists to create 24 works to be displayed on a Billboard in Cambridge. The artist created this work by making a stencil and spray painting the image onto the paper supplied by the Gallery. I was drawn to this project because of its public and transitory nature. In today's culture images are large, and temporary. A sign for a product gives way one month to a political message the next. By placing my computer designed images on a billboard setting the artist raises issues of permanence and temporary as well as the use of generic icons in the public realm. The tall slender female figure next to the short squat male figure calls into question standard images of heterosexual couples.

"Odd Couple" - 1995 - Cambridge, MA

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