"Dollface" - 1996

Laser-printed paper images stapled to the gallery wall - 8' x 8' - Bronx River Art Gallery, New York, NY.

This paper mosaic was made of more than 5000 laser printed images, each was hand cut and stapled directly to the gallery wall. The images depicted are all the girls from the artist's high school yearbook (George Washington High School, Class of 1973, Denver, Colorado) and a face scanned from a doll collectors' catalog.

The artist first stapled each face to the wall making a grid of almost 3000 images. Superimposed over the grid was the large doll face. The large face was cut into almost 2000 slips of paper that exactly covered each girls face beneath. These were attached with one staple each. The fan on the pedestal produced a breeze that lifted some of the doll image revealing the faces beneath.

This work was exhibited at The Bronx River Art Gallery, New York, as part of the exhibition: "Cathedrals and Classrooms."

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