"Who are You?" - 1996

Painted plywood - 8' x 100' x 3/4" - Cambridge, MA

This work was made up of 25 - 4' x 8' panels. Each depicts a male or female figure. Some of the panels were designed by Cambridge secondary school students under the direction of the artist. Each student was instructed in a computer drawing program and was then directed to design a figure that looked like, or psychologically resembled themselves. The results of these workshops were then transferred to the panels and cut out by the artist.

The wall was funded by the Forest City Development Corporation and was administered by the Cambridge Arts Council. After the wall was fabricated it was installed with the volunteer labor of the Local #30 Carpenters Union. The workshops were coordinated by the artist, the Cambridge Arts Council and The Cambridge Center for Adult Education which donated the use of its computer lab for the workshops.

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