"Who are You?" - 2010

Acrylic paint (Men's Room) Vinyl (Women's Room) - Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA.

The icons commonly used as the signage on restroom entrances inspired the figures used in this art installation. One implicitly accepts being defined by these figures when entering a restroom. While these figures have become more and more ubiquitous they have, at the same time, become less and less descriptive of how men and women see and describe themselves.

While these industrial icons serve a useful purpose as easily understood signage and signifiers they, at the same time, narrow our perception of the richness and diversity of those they depict. The installations in the BCA restrooms specifically leave some of the stalls and urinals without icons giving those who use the facilities the option of not participating. Choosing a urinal or stall without an icon becomes deliberate act to not be defined by a particular icon.