"Reach" - 2010

A letter from the fabricator:

Hello Mr. Kornfeld,

My name is Sam Adams, I am the welder/fabricator of the REACH sculpture that was built for you at Northern MFG. in Oak Harbor, Ohio. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasure and a honor it was to be chosen by my Management team to create your sculpture for you. I take great pride in the work that I do, and with a solid 23 years of welding and fabrication experience as well as holding a current C.W.I (certified welding inspector) licence, I feel that I gave the REACH sculpture the best of my fabrication and welding abilities, with a care that went into the project as though I was prepairing it as a personal gift, not as just another project. I have been following the Groundbreaking and setting of the fingers of the sculpture on the Mozart Park link from your website, I hope that you are satisfied with the quality of my work, and that the sculpture reflects all that it is supposed to, in looks and inspiration.

Have a great New Year!

Sam Adams

(Sam passed away in November 2016, his work remains, but he will be missed.)