douglas KORNFELD


101 - 8' x 18' x 1' - 24,000 Hand-made tiles.

"101" is made up of 3 panels of 24,000 separate images. The side panels depict the international "Male" or "female" symbols and are made of black reflective epoxy. Each of the 5,000 tiles surrounding these large figures has a gold reflective surface and an individual silk-screened image. These images are variations of the large icons.

The round center panel depicts a MRI cross section of a human skull and is made up of more than 14,000 individual tiles. Each tile in turn portrays a variation of the standard "male" symbol. This work was first exhibited at the Decordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

"101" - 1999 - Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA

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