Artist Statement

Public art is a message in a bottle. In one hundred years, the works we commission today will inform our children who we were and what we wanted as a legacy. Great public art is timeless. It speaks to us now but will still inspire those in the future.

The purpose of public art is NOT to decorate - that is the role of an architect or designer. Design is a creative, functional solution to a practical, definitive problem. Public art is not practical and rarely functional. Public art must spark our imagination and take it beyond our immediate needs. A public artwork must challenge us with questions, not soothe us with platitudes. Public art must be more than a decorative embellishment: it must be a poetic testimony.

My art focuses on the signs and symbols our society uses to communicate, symbols that are a reflection of our cultural values, our attitudes, and our beliefs. Early icons portrayed the intangible, demonstrated power, and inspired awe. My work seeks to return cultural symbols to their rightful place as touchstones of wonder and power, as focal points that inspire civic discourse and explore our collective yearning for creative achievement, individuality, and community.

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