Artist Statement

Public Art is a message in a bottle. It holds our hopes and carries our ideals into the future. Exceptional Public Art captures the poetry of contemporary ideas and retains its significance with future generations.

The purpose of Public Art is NOT to decorate. – that is the role of an architect or designer. Design is a creative, functional solution to a practical, definitive problem. Public Art is not practical and rarely functional. Public Art must inspire and poetically transport us beyond our day-to-day comforts. Art should challenge us with questions, not soothe us with platitudes.

My artwork is centered around exploring cultural identity and the values of our society using modern icons. My artistic themes of diversity and desire for community are thought-provoking, inspiring, and sometimes humorous. Early icons, demonstrated power, portrayed the intangible, and inspired awe. My work seeks to return cultural symbols to their rightful place as touchstones of wonder, power, and delight. By using societal signs and symbols in my work I explore our culture and give form to their abstract ideas making them both tangible and accessible. This invites a general audience to understand their significance and engage with these ideas, in direct and meaningful ways.

My art aims to encourage public discourse, to explore relationships, and to reflect on one’s place in the world. Its goal is to spark conversations and inspire change.

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